Radiocommunication Regulations

Version of section 52 from 2006-03-22 to 2014-02-27:

  •  (1) Where the Minister, taking into account the factors referred to in subsection (2), determines that a unit of equipment causes or suffers from interference other than harmful interference or adverse effects of electromagnetic energy, the Minister shall order the persons in possession or control of the equipment to cease or modify operation of the equipment until such time as it can be operated without causing or being affected by such interference or such adverse effects.

  • (2) A determination pursuant to subsection (1) shall consider the following factors:

    • (a) the electromagnetic environment in which the equipment is being used;

    • (b) the circumstances under which it is being used;

    • (c) the technical characteristics of the devices being interfered with or being adversely affected by electromagnetic energy; and

    • (d) the technical characteristics of the devices causing interference or the adverse effects of electromagnetic energy.

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