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  1. Employment Insurance (Fishing) Regulations - SOR/96-445 (Section 17)
    Employment Insurance (Fishing) Regulations

     These Regulations come into force on January 5, 1997.

  2. Employment Insurance (Fishing) Regulations - SOR/96-445 (Section 15)
    Employment Insurance (Fishing) Regulations
    •  (1) Except as otherwise provided in the Act or these Regulations, all matters relating to a claim for benefits by a fisher in respect of a benefit period beginning before January 5, 1997 shall be dealt with under Part V of the Unemployment Insurance Regulations as they read immediately before that date.

    • [...]

    • (3) With respect to a fisher who is a claimant and to whom a child is born or in whose care a child is placed for adoption before December 31, 2000, all matters relating to their entitlement to special benefits under these Regulations shall be determined in accordance with these Regulations as they read on January 5, 1997 and the Employment Insurance Act as it read before the coming into force of the Budget Implementation Act, 2000, being chapter 14 of the Statutes of Canada, 2000.


  3. Employment Insurance (Fishing) Regulations - SOR/96-445 (Section 11)
    Employment Insurance (Fishing) Regulations
    •  (1) Despite subsections 7.1(1) to (2.1), (6) and (7) of the Act, the amount of insurable earnings that an insured person requires under section 8 of these Regulations to qualify for benefits is increased to the amount set out in the applicable column of the table to this subsection if the insured person accumulates one or more violations in the 260 weeks before making an initial claim for benefits.

    • [...]

    • (3) A violation shall not be taken into account under subsection (1) in more than two initial claims for benefits under these Regulations or Part I or VII.1 of the Act if the claimant qualified for benefits with the increased amount of insurable earnings in respect of each of those claims.


  4. Employment Insurance (Fishing) Regulations - SOR/96-445 (Section 10)
    Employment Insurance (Fishing) Regulations
    •  (1) For the purposes of section 19 of the Act, the determination and allocation of earnings of a person who is claiming benefits under these Regulations shall be made in accordance with subsections (2) to (4).

    • (2) Where a claimant under these Regulations has any earnings from an employment in fishing under a contract of service, whether it is an insurable employment or not, or has any earnings other than from an employment in fishing, the claimant’s total earnings shall be determined in accordance with section 35 of the Employment Insurance Regulations and allocated in accordance with section 36 of those Regulations.

  5. Employment Insurance (Fishing) Regulations - SOR/96-445 (Section 14)
    Employment Insurance (Fishing) Regulations
    •  (1) For the purposes of the Act, these Regulations and the Employment Insurance Regulations, “labour dispute”, in relation to fishers, includes any dispute between employers of fishers and fishers, or between fishers and other fishers, that is connected with the unit price on the basis of which the proceeds from the sale of a catch are calculated.

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