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  1. Commissioner’s Standing Orders (Conduct) - SOR/2014-291 (Section 2)
    Commissioner’s Standing Orders (Conduct)
    Marginal note:Designation as conduct authorities
    •  (1) The following persons, subject to any requirements that may be established by the Commissioner under subsection (2), are designated as conduct authorities in respect of the members who are under their command:


    • Marginal note:Requirements

      (2) The Commissioner may establish the requirements that a person must meet before acting as a conduct authority.

    • Marginal note:Revocation

      (3) The Commissioner may revoke the designation of a person as a conduct authority by written notice. The revocation takes effect as soon as the notice is served on the person.

    • [...]

    • Marginal note:Compliance with Public Servants Disclosure Protection Act

      (5) If a person who is designated as a conduct authority is a senior officer, as defined in subsection 2(1) of the Public Servants Disclosure Protection Act, the person must administer the conduct process in a manner that complies with that Act.

  2. Commissioner’s Standing Orders (Conduct) - SOR/2014-291 (Section 25)
    Commissioner’s Standing Orders (Conduct)
    Marginal note:Decision
    •  (1) The conduct board must render a decision as soon as feasible after the hearing.

    • Marginal note:Taking effect of decision

      (2) An oral decision that is rendered in the presence of the subject member takes effect immediately. A written decision takes effect as soon as a copy of it is served on the member.

  3. Commissioner’s Standing Orders (Conduct) - SOR/2014-291 (Section 11)
    Commissioner’s Standing Orders (Conduct)
    Marginal note:Decision
    •  (1) The review authority must render a decision in writing as soon as feasible after considering the subject member’s submissions, and cause a copy of it to be served on the member.

    • [...]

    • Marginal note:Taking effect

      (3) The decision takes effect as soon as it is served.

  4. Commissioner’s Standing Orders (Conduct) - SOR/2014-291 (Section 15)
    Commissioner’s Standing Orders (Conduct)

    Definition of investigation report

    • [...]

    • Marginal note:Documents to be provided and served

      (2) As soon as feasible after the members of the conduct board have been appointed, the conduct authority must provide a copy of the notice referred to in subsection 43(2) of the Act and the investigation report to the conduct board and must cause a copy of the investigation report to be served on the subject member.

    • Marginal note:Documents to be provided by member

      (3) Within 30 days after the day on which the subject member is served with the notice or within another period as directed by the conduct board, the subject member must provide to the conduct authority and the conduct board


  5. Commissioner’s Standing Orders (Conduct) - SOR/2014-291 (Section 13)
    Commissioner’s Standing Orders (Conduct)
    Marginal note:Conduct hearing
    •  (1) Proceedings before a conduct board must be dealt with by the board as informally and expeditiously as the principles of procedural fairness permit.

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