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  1. Environmental Response Regulations - SOR/2019-252 (Section 2)
    Environmental Response Regulations
    Marginal note:Classes
    •  (1) The following classes of vessels are prescribed for the purposes of subsection 167(1) of the Act:

      • [...]

      • (b) vessels, other than oil tankers, of 400 gross tonnage or more that carry oil as cargo or as fuel; and

      • (c) vessels that carry oil as cargo or as fuel and that are engaged in towing or pushing at least one other vessel that carries oil as cargo or as fuel, if the combined gross tonnage of the vessels is 150 gross tonnage or more.

  2. Environmental Response Regulations - SOR/2019-252 (Section 12)
    Environmental Response Regulations
    Marginal note:Annual review
    •  (1) The operator of an oil handling facility must review the oil pollution prevention plan and the oil pollution emergency plan annually and, if necessary, update the plans to ensure that they meet the requirements of section 10 or 11, as the case may be.

  3. Environmental Response Regulations - SOR/2019-252 (Section 5)
    Environmental Response Regulations
    Marginal note:Classes

     For the purposes of sections 167.1 to 167.4 and subsections 168(1) and 168.01(1) of the Act, classes of oil handling facilities at which operations are carried out in relation to the loading or unloading of oil to or from a vessel referred to in section 2 are established according to their oil transfer rate as set out in the following table:

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