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  1. Anhydrous Ammonia Bulk Storage Regulations - C.R.C., c. 1146 (Section 32)
    •  (1) The filling density of above-ground unrefrigerated tanks shall not exceed 56 per cent for uninsulated tanks and 57 per cent for insulated tanks; for volume filling at various liquid temperatures, refer to chart of figure 23, Pamphlet G-2 of Compressed Gas Association, Inc.

    • (2) The maximum amount of anhydrous ammonia that may be charged into a refrigerated storage container shall be that which theoretically would make the container liquid-full at a pressure equal to 120 per cent of the design pressure of the container under equilibrium conditions of temperature and pressure.

  2. Anhydrous Ammonia Bulk Storage Regulations - C.R.C., c. 1146 (Section 74)

     The principal hazards associated with the handling of anhydrous ammonia are as follows:

    • (a) mixtures of air and anhydrous ammonia consisting of 16 to 25 per cent by volume of anhydrous ammonia are flammable and may ignite at a temperature as low as 1204°F in the presence of iron. For outdoor installations, this condition is not likely to be obtained except as a result of a tank or pipeline rupture. However, serious fires and explosions have occurred in which anhydrous ammonia was a contributing factor. Anhydrous ammonia becomes slightly unstable at 840-930°F and dissociates into hydrogen and nitrogen. The presence of small quantities of oil or other combustible material in anhydrous ammonia will increase the fire hazard;

  3. Anhydrous Ammonia Bulk Storage Regulations - C.R.C., c. 1146 (Section 28)

     Each tank with a water capacity exceeding 5,000 Imperial gallons should be equipped with a suitable thermometer unless some other provision is made for determining the liquid temperature.

  4. Anhydrous Ammonia Bulk Storage Regulations - C.R.C., c. 1146 (Section 2)

     In these Regulations,

    filling density

    filling density is the percentage figure obtained when the maximum weight of anhydrous ammonia that may be in a container is divided by the water weight capacity of the tank and the result is multiplied by 100; all capacities shall be measured at a liquid temperature of 60°F; (densité de remplissage)

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