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  1. Liquefied Petroleum Gases Bulk Storage Regulations - C.R.C., c. 1152 (Section 2)

     In these Regulations,

    filling density

    filling density means the percentage figure obtained when the maximum weight of liquefied petroleum gas that may be in the container is divided by the water weight capacity of the tank and the result is multiplied by 100; all capacities shall be measured at a liquid temperature of 60°F; (densité de remplissage)

    liquefied petroleum gases

    liquefied petroleum gases are gases derived from petroleum or natural gas; they are in the gaseous state at normal atmospheric temperature and pressure, but may be maintained in a liquid state by the application of moderate pressure; the following gases are those most commonly handled as liquefied petroleum gases: propane, normal butane, propylene, isobutane, butylenes; (gaz de pétrole liquéfiés)


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