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  1. Propane Dispenser Specifications - SI/91-110 (Section 6)
    •  (1) The temperature sensor of the electronic ATC and the test thermal well of a propane dispenser shall be installed adjacent to each other


    • (2) A temperature sensor referred to in subsection (1) shall be installed so that

      • [...]

      • (c) no valves, pumps, flow-control valves or other equipment that may alter the temperature of the liquid are located between the meter chamber and the sensor.

  2. Propane Dispenser Specifications - SI/91-110 (Section 8)

     Where the fitting required by section 7 is located more than 30 m (100 feet) from the propane dispenser, the owner of the propane dispenser shall provide means to allow propane to be circulated through the propane dispenser to ensure temperature stabilization of the meter prior to and during the tests carried out by an inspector,


  3. Propane Dispenser Specifications - SI/91-110 (Section 2)
    •  (1) In these Specifications,


      ATC means automatic temperature compensator; (CAT)

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