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  1. Railway Prevention of Electric Sparks Regulations - SOR/82-1015 (Section 2)

     In these Regulations,

    compressed flammable gas

    compressed flammable gas means any product, material or mixture that

    • (a) has a critical temperature less than 50°C, an absolute vapour pressure greater than 295 kPa at 50°C or an absolute pressure in a pressure vessel greater than 275 kPa at 21.1°C or 716 kPa at 54.4°C, and

    • (b) is flammable when in a mixture of 13 per cent or less by volume with air at normal atmospheric temperature and pressure or has a flammable range with air wider than 12 per cent regardless of the lower limit; (gaz comprimé inflammable)

    flammable liquid

    flammable liquid means any liquid that gives off flammable vapours at or below a temperature of 61°C in a closed cup test; (liquide inflammable)

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