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Assisted Human Reproduction Act (S.C. 2004, c. 2)

Act current to 2020-09-09 and last amended on 2020-06-09. Previous Versions

Marginal note:Prohibited procedures

  •  (1) No person shall knowingly

    • (a) create a human clone by using any technique, or transplant a human clone into a human being or into any non-human life form or artificial device;

    • (b) create an in vitro embryo for any purpose other than creating a human being or improving or providing instruction in assisted reproduction procedures;

    • (c) for the purpose of creating a human being, create an embryo from a cell or part of a cell taken from an embryo or foetus or transplant an embryo so created into a human being;

    • (d) maintain an embryo outside the body of a female person after the fourteenth day of its development following fertilization or creation, excluding any time during which its development has been suspended;

    • (e) for the purpose of creating a human being, perform any procedure or provide, prescribe or administer any thing that would ensure or increase the probability that an embryo will be of a particular sex, or that would identify the sex of an in vitro embryo, except to prevent, diagnose or treat a sex-linked disorder or disease;

    • (f) alter the genome of a cell of a human being or in vitro embryo such that the alteration is capable of being transmitted to descendants;

    • (g) transplant a sperm, ovum, embryo or foetus of a non-human life form into a human being;

    • (h) for the purpose of creating a human being, make use of any human reproductive material or an in vitro embryo that is or was transplanted into a non-human life form;

    • (i) create a chimera, or transplant a chimera into either a human being or a non-human life form; or

    • (j) create a hybrid for the purpose of reproduction, or transplant a hybrid into either a human being or a non-human life form.

  • Marginal note:Offers

    (2) No person shall offer to do, or advertise the doing of, anything prohibited by this section.

  • Marginal note:Payment for prohibited act

    (3) No person shall pay or offer to pay consideration to any person for doing anything prohibited by this section.

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