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Canadian Navigable Waters Act (R.S.C., 1985, c. N-22)

Act current to 2019-08-28 and last amended on 2019-08-28. Previous Versions


  • — 2019, c. 28, s. 60

    • 60 The Act is amended by adding the following after section 27.1:


      • Establishment
        • 27.2 (1) The Minister must establish and maintain a registry in which information that he or she specifies is deposited.

        • Access

          (2) The Minister must make the registry accessible to the public through the Internet and by any other means that he or she considers appropriate.

        • Types of documents in registry

          (3) The registry must contain only records or parts of a record

          • (a) that are publicly available; or

          • (b) that the Minister determines would be disclosed to the public in accordance with the Access to Information Act if a request were made in respect of that record under that Act, including any record that would be disclosed in the public interest under subsection 20(6) of that Act.

        • Protection from civil proceeding or prosecution

          (4) Despite any other Act of Parliament, no civil or criminal proceedings lie against the Minister, or any person acting on behalf of, or under the direction of, him or her or against the Crown, for the disclosure in good faith of any record or any part of a record under this Act or for any consequences that flow from that disclosure.

  • — 2019, c. 28, s. 61(5)

      • 61 (5) Subsection 28(2) of the Act is amended by striking out “and” at the end of paragraph (b), by adding “and” at the end of paragraph (c) and by adding the following after paragraph (c):

        • (d) respecting the registry established under section 27.2, including specifying records or information to be posted on the Internet site.

  • — SOR/2019-321, s. 1

    • 1 Part 2 of the schedule to the Canadian Navigable Waters ActFootnote 1 is replaced by the following:

      PART 2

      Rivers and Riverines

      Column 1Column 2Column 3Column 4
      ItemNameApproximate Downstream PointApproximate Upstream PointDescription
      1Yukon River64°40′57″ N, 141°00′00″ W60°41′57″ N, 135°02′34″ WFrom the rapids near the dam in Whitehorse to the Canada–U.S. border
      2Alsek River59°26′03″ N, 137°58′19″ W60°39′03″ N, 137°48′25″ WFrom the confluence of the Dezadeash River and the Kaskawulsh River to the Canada–U.S. border
      3Tatshenshini River59°28′24″ N, 137°44′21″ W59°51′42″ N, 136°39′21″ WFrom Goat Creek to the Alsek River
      4Mackenzie River69°20′59″ N, 133°54′10″ W61°03′31″ N, 116°33′22″ WFrom Great Slave Lake to the Arctic Ocean
      5Arctic Red River67°25′35″ N, 133°45′40″ W64°31′20″ N, 131°32′18″ WFrom Backbone Range, Mackenzie Mountains, to the Mackenzie River
      6Skeena River54°01′00″ N, 130°06′12″ W55°41′53″ N, 127°41′40″ WFrom the confluence with the Babine River to the Pacific Ocean
      7Nass River54°59′06″ N, 129°43′07″ W56°09′52″ N, 129°01′41″ WFrom the confluence with the Bell-Irving River to the Pacific Ocean
      8Anderson River69°40′35″ N, 128°58′11″ W66°57′20″ N, 124°34′23″ WFrom Lac des Bois to the Arctic Ocean
      9Horton River70°13′24″ N, 127°32′45″ W67°48′40″ N, 120°34′26″ WFrom the Haldane River to the Amundsen Gulf
      10South Nahanni River61°03′03″ N, 123°20′30″ W62°59′01″ N, 129°37′23″ WFrom Mount Christie to the Liard River
      11Fraser River49°06′10″ N, 123°17′59″ W53°01′50″ N, 119°12′17″ WFrom the Overland Falls to the Pacific Ocean
      12Pitt River49°13′43″ N, 122°46′03″ W49°21′06″ N, 122°36′35″ WFrom Pitt Lake to the Fraser River
      13Harrison River49°13′51″ N, 121°56′43″ W49°18′42″ N, 121°48′12″ WFrom Harrison Lake to the Fraser River
      14Thompson River50°14′06″ N, 121°35′03″ W50°40′50″ N, 120°20′18″ WFrom the South Thompson River to the Fraser River
      15Liard River61°50′55″ N, 121°18′35″ W61°14′12″ N, 131°37′39″ WFrom Mount Lewis to the Mackenzie River
      16South Thompson River50°40′50″ N, 120°20′18″ W50°49′38″ N, 119°42′01″ WFrom Little Shuswap Lake to the Thompson River
      17Kootenay River49°18′56″ N, 117°39′08″ W49°37′32″ N, 116°56′36″ WFrom Kootenay Lake to the Columbia River
      18Columbia River49°00′00″ N, 117°37′55″ W52°04′30″ N, 118°33′58″ WFrom Kinbasket Lake to the Canada–U.S. border
      19Coppermine River67°49′09″ N, 115°04′30″ W64°51′17″ N, 110°25′41″ WFrom Lac de Gras to the Coronation Gulf
      20Bow River49°56′05″ N, 111°41′19″ W51°13′08″ N, 114°42′28″ WFrom Ghost Lake to the South Saskatchewan River
      21Peace River59°00′01″ N, 111°24′47″ W56°00′48″ N, 122°12′18″ WFrom Williston Lake to the Slave River
      22Clearwater River56°44′51″ N, 111°22′57″ W57°32′30″ N, 108°53′03″ WFrom the Mirror River to the Athabasca River
      23Athabasca River58°40′10″ N, 110°50′15″ W52°44′09″ N, 117°57′17″ WFrom the confluence with the Whirlpool River to Lake Athabasca
      24North Saskatchewan River53°14′07″ N, 105°04′58″ W52°22′35″ N, 115°24′05″ WFrom the confluence with the Ram River to the confluence with the South Saskatchewan River
      25South Saskatchewan River53°14′07″ N, 105°04′58″ W49°56′05″ N, 111°41′19″ WFrom the confluence of the Bow River and the Oldman River to the confluence with the North Saskatchewan River
      26Saskatchewan River53°27′43″ N, 105°04′08″ W53°11′08″ N, 99°15′24″ WFrom the confluence of the North Saskatchewan River and the South Saskatchewan River to Lake Winnipeg
      27Dubawnt River63°33′49″ N, 100°42′29″ W64°30′35″ N, 100°05′40″ WFrom Dubawnt Lake to the Thelon River
      28Assiniboine River49°53′08″ N, 97°07′41″ W50°58′35″ N, 101°24′26″ WFrom the Shellmouth Dam to the Red River
      29Red River50°23′12″ N, 96°47′58″ W49°00′02″ N, 97°13′43″ WFrom the Canada–U.S. Border to Lake Winnipeg
      30Bloodvein River51°47′25″ N, 96°43′02″ W51°11′58″ N, 94°22′51″ WFrom Red Lake to Lake Winnipeg
      31Winnipeg River50°37′54″ N, 96°19′13″ W49°45′59″ N, 94°30′39″ WFrom Lake of the Woods to Lake Winnipeg
      32Kazan River64°02′26″ N, 95°28′49″ W61°15′06″ N, 100°58′00″ WFrom Ennadai Lake to Baker Lake
      33Seal River59°04′22″ N, 94°47′44″ W58°49′44″ N, 97°35′39″ WFrom Shethanei Lake to Hudson Bay
      34Rainy River48°50′20″ N, 94°41′08″ W48°36′54″ N, 93°21′11″ WFrom Rainy Lake to Lake of the Woods
      35Churchill River58°47′23″ N, 94°12′22″ W55°49′03″ N, 108°22′44″ WFrom Churchill Lake to Hudson Bay
      36Hayes River57°03′34″ N, 92°10′13″ W54°19′12″ N, 96°41′30″ WFrom Molson Lake to Hudson Bay
      37Thelon River63°23′06″ N, 90°42′37″ W62°20′37″ N, 105°57′16″ WFrom Whitefish Lake to Hudson Bay
      38Boundary Waters – Voyageur Waterway47°59′50″ N, 89°34′37″ W48°21′39″ N, 92°03′54″ WBoundary waters between Canada and the U.S. from Lake Superior to Lac la Croix
      39St. Marys River46°03′34″ N, 83°56′44″ W46°31′13″ N, 84°37′08″ WFrom Lake Superior to Lake Huron
      40Detroit River42°04′54″ N, 83°07′32″ W42°21′06″ N, 82°55′25″ WFrom Lake St. Clair to Lake Erie
      41St. Clair River42°36′53″ N, 82°30′59″ W43°00′10″ N, 82°25′13″ WFrom Lake Huron to Lake St. Clair
      42Thames River42°19′09″ N, 82°27′15″ W43°17′01″ N, 80°46′14″ WFrom the Town of Tavistock to Lake St. Clair
      43French River45°56′28″ N, 80°54′05″ W46°12′31″ N, 79°49′03″ WFrom Lake Nipissing to Lake Huron
      44Moose River51°23′15″ N, 80°21′54″ W51°08′09″ N, 80°50′20″ WFrom the Kwetabohigan Rapids to Hudson Bay
      45Nottawasaga River44°32′19″ N, 80°00′28″ W44°08′18″ N, 79°48′38″ WFrom the 13th Line bridge to Lake Huron
      46Severn River44°48′13″ N, 79°43′12″ W44°44′39″ N, 79°20′21″ WFrom Lake Couchiching to Lake Huron
      47Grand River42°51′18″ N, 79°34′40″ W43°08′13″ N, 80°16′09″ WFrom the dam at Brantford to Lake Erie
      48Holland River44°12′10″ N, 79°30′52″ W44°06′46″ N, 79°32′44″ WFrom the Bridge Street bridge to Lake Simcoe
      49Holland River East Branch44°07′35″ N, 79°30′15″ W44°07′35″ N, 79°30′15″ WFrom the Queensville Side Road bridge to the Holland River
      50Humber River43°37′55″ N, 79°28′19″ W43°39′08″ N, 79°29′44″ WFrom the rapids at Old Mill to Lake Ontario
      51Mattawa River46°18′48″ N, 79°15′55″ W46°19′11″ N, 78°42′27″ WFrom the Ottawa River to Trout Lake
      52North Branch of Muskoka River45°16′04″ N, 79°13′45″ W45°18′42″ N, 79°11′46″ WFrom Fairy Lake to Mary Lake
      53Welland Canal43°14′41″ N, 79°13′00″ W42°52′01″ N, 79°15′06″ WA canal that connects Lake Erie to Lake Ontario
      54Trent Canal44°28′17″ N, 79°10′14″ W44°32′10″ N, 79°04′00″ WFrom Canal Lake to Lake Simcoe
      55The Canal45°20′06″ N, 79°08′43″ W45°20′24″ N, 79°07′57″ WFrom Peninsula Lake to Fairy Lake
      56Niagara River43°15′43″ N, 79°04′23″ W42°53′18″ N, 78°54′43″ WFrom Lake Erie to Lake Ontario
      57Trent Canal44°34′59″ N, 79°00′34″ W44°34′39″ N, 78°53′39″ WFrom Balsam Lake to Canal Lake
      58Rosedale River44°34′13″ N, 78°45′57″ W44°34′24″ N, 78°47′46″ WFrom Balsam Lake to Cameron Lake
      59Scugog River44°24′06″ N, 78°45′00″ W44°16′09″ N, 78°45′11″ WFrom Lake Scugog to Sturgeon Lake
      60Fenelon River44°31′37″ N, 78°43′41″ W44°32′13″ N, 78°44′30″ WFrom Cameron Lake to Sturgeon Lake
      61Pigeon River44°21′48″ N, 78°30′54″ W44°17′56″ N, 78°33′20″ WFrom the dam in Omemee to Pigeon Lake
      62Trent Canal44°17′55″ N, 78°18′17″ W44°21′12″ N, 78°17′32″ WConnecting two parts of the Otonabee River at Peterborough
      63Otonabee River44°09′12″ N, 78°13′51″ W44°25′58″ N, 78°16′23″ WFrom Katchewanooka Lake to Rice Lake
      64Murray Canal44°03′38″ N, 77°35′02″ W44°01′56″ N, 77°40′37″ WConnecting two parts of Lake Ontario
      65Trent River/Canal44°05′59″ N, 77°34′18″ W44°15′40″ N, 78°02′51″ WFrom Rice Lake to Lake Ontario
      66Petawawa River45°54′38″ N, 77°15′30″ W45°53′02″ N, 77°23′27″ WFrom the confluence with the Barron River to the Ottawa River
      67Cataraqui River44°13′37″ N, 76°28′27″ W44°25′36″ N, 76°18′28″ WFrom Cranberry Lake to Lake Ontario
      68River Styx44°19′07″ N, 76°25′36″ W44°22′21″ N, 76°20′48″ WFrom the Cataraqui River to Colonel By Lake
      69Stevens Creek44°36′41″ N, 76°23′16″ W44°37′28″ N, 76°21′38″ WFrom Loon Lake to Newboro Lake
      70Tay River/Canal44°52′25″ N, 76°08′10″ W44°53′50″ N, 76°15′29″ WFrom the Peter Street bridge in Perth to the Lower Rideau Lake
      71Rideau Canal45°25′36″ N, 75°41′56″ W45°22′11″ N, 75°41′55″ WFrom the Rideau River to the Ottawa River
      72Rideau River45°26′29″ N, 75°41′49″ W44°52′16″ N, 76°05′01″ WFrom Lower Rideau Lake to the Ottawa River
      73Kemptville Creek45°03′20″ N, 75°39′15″ W45°01′39″ N, 75°38′29″ WFrom the Highway 43 bridge to the Rideau River
      74Ottawa River45°33′59″ N, 74°23′11″ W47°07′52″ N, 79°26′45″ WFrom Timiskaming Lake to the St. Lawrence River
      75Canal de Beauharnois45°19′13″ N, 73°55′00″ W45°13′41″ N, 74°10′12″ WBranch of the St. Lawrence River
      76Lachine Canal45°29′58″ N, 73°33′06″ W45°25′51″ N, 73°40′10″ WBranch of the St. Lawrence River
      77Rivière des Mille-Îles45°41′56″ N, 73°31′30″ W45°31′58″ N, 73°53′05″ WBranch of the St. Lawrence River
      78Rivière des Prairies45°42′26″ N, 73°28′25″ W45°28′24″ N, 73°56′27″ W (south branch) and 45°31′22″ N, 73°53′06″ W (north branch)Branch of the St. Lawrence River
      79Richelieu River46°02′55″ N, 73°07′10″ W45°00′39″ N, 73°20′38″ WFrom the Canada–U.S. border to the St. Lawrence River
      80Rivière Saint-Maurice46°21′04″ N, 72°31′12″ W46°32′15″ N, 72°46′01″ WFrom the Shawinigan Dam to the St. Lawrence River
      81Soper River62°54′25″ N, 69°50′41″ W63°32′39″ N, 69°32′43″ WFrom the highlands of the Meta Incognita Peninsula to Soper Lake
      82Saguenay River48°07′28″ N, 69°41′07″ W48°35′09″ N, 71°47′06″ WFrom Lac Saint-Jean to the St. Lawrence River
      83Restigouche River47°59′28″ N, 66°46′10″ W47°39′52″ N, 67°29′28″ WFrom the confluence of the Little Main Restigouche River and the Kedgwick River to the Gulf of St. Lawrence
      84St. Croix River45°09′54″ N, 67°10′47″ W45°34′09″ N, 67°25′38″ WFrom the Chiputneticook Lakes to the Atlantic Ocean
      85Saint John River44°16′00″ N, 66°04′00″ W47°10′40″ N, 68°54′01″ WFrom the Canada–U.S. border to the Atlantic Ocean
      86St. Lawrence River49°40′00″ N, 64°29′59″ W44°06′58″ N, 76°28′43″ WFrom Lake Ontario to the Atlantic Ocean
      87LaHave River44°15′59″ N, 64°19′57″ W44°23′22″ N, 64°31′53″ WFrom the rapids in Bridgewater to the Atlantic Ocean
      88Margaree River46°26′33″ N, 61°06′46″ W46°20′08″ N, 61°05′33″ WFrom the Margaree River fork to the Atlantic Ocean
      89Main River49°45′52″ N, 56°54′34″ W49°58′47″ N, 57°23′37″ WFrom the Long Range Mountains to White Bay
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