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National Energy Board Act

Version of section 74 from 2004-12-15 to 2016-06-18:

Marginal note:Limitations on purchase and sale, etc.

  •  (1) A company shall not, without the leave of the Board,

    • (a) sell, transfer or lease to any person its pipeline, in whole or in part;

    • (b) purchase or lease any pipeline from any person;

    • (c) enter into an agreement for amalgamation with any other company; or

    • (d) abandon the operation of a pipeline.

  • Definition of pipeline and company

    (2) For the purposes of paragraph (1)(b), pipeline includes a pipeline as defined in section 2 or any other pipeline, and, for the purposes of paragraph (1)(c), company includes a company as defined in section 2 or any other company.

  • Marginal note:Exception

    (3) Despite paragraph (1)(a), leave shall only be required if a company sells, transfers or leases any part or parts of its pipeline that are capable of being operated as a line for the transmission of gas or oil.

  • R.S., 1985, c. N-7, s. 74
  • 2004, c. 25, s. 155
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