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Cannabis Act (S.C. 2018, c. 16)

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Act current to 2023-01-11 and last amended on 2022-12-02. Previous Versions


  • — 2022, c. 17, s. 73

    • 73 Subsection 86(10) of the Cannabis Act is replaced by the following:

      • Means of telecommunication

        (10) An application for a warrant under subsection (8) may be submitted, and the warrant may be issued, by a means of telecommunication and section 487.1 of the Criminal Code applies for those purposes with any necessary modifications.

  • — 2022, c. 17, s. 74

    • 74 Section 87 of the Act is amended by adding the following after subsection (3):

      • Duty of peace officer executing warrant

        (4) Section 487.093 of the Criminal Code, other than paragraph 487.093(1)(c), applies with respect to a warrant issued under subsection (1).

  • — 2022, c. 17, s. 76

    • Clarification — immediate application

      76 For greater certainty, but subject to sections 77 and 78, the amendments made by this Act also apply with respect to proceedings that are ongoing on the day on which this Act comes into force.

  • — 2022, c. 17, par. 77(2)(j)

      • Certain applications for warrants

        77 (2) Each of the following provisions, as it read immediately before the day on which this Act comes into force, continues to apply with respect to an application made for a warrant under the provision if the application is submitted, and no decision has been made in respect of the application, before that day:

  • — 2022, c. 17, s. 78.1

    • Impact of remote proceedings
      • 78.1 (1) The Minister of Justice must, no later than three years after the day on which this Act receives royal assent, initiate one or more independent reviews on the use of remote proceedings in criminal justice matters that must include an assessment of whether remote proceedings

        • (a) enhance, preserve or adversely affect access to justice;

        • (b) maintain fundamental principles of the administration of justice; and

        • (c) adequately address the rights and obligations of participants in the criminal justice system, including accused persons.

      • Report

        (2) The Minister of Justice must, no later than five years after the day on which a review is initiated, cause a report on the review — including any findings or recommendations resulting from it — to be laid before each House of Parliament.

  • — 2022, c. 17, s. 78.2

    • Review by committee
      • 78.2 (1) At the start of the fifth year after the day on which this Act receives royal assent, the provisions enacted or amended by this Act are to be referred to a committee of the Senate and a committee of the House of Commons that may be designated or established for the purpose of reviewing the provisions.

      • Report

        (2) The committees to which the provisions are referred are to review them and the use of remote proceedings in criminal justice matters and submit reports to the Houses of Parliament of which they are committees, including statements setting out any changes to the provisions that they recommend.

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