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Physical Activity and Sport Act (S.C. 2003, c. 2)

Act current to 2021-09-11 and last amended on 2017-12-31. Previous Versions

Sport Dispute Resolution Centre of Canada (continued)


Marginal note:Minister may order dissolution

  •  (1) The Minister may, by order, dissolve the Centre

    • (a) if the Centre has failed to make by-laws in accordance with paragraphs 17(1)(e), (g) and (i) to (k) within one year after section 9 comes into force;

    • (b) if the Minister is satisfied that the Centre has failed, for a period of one year, to carry on its affairs and business;

    • (c) if the Minister, on the expiry of any period of five years after the coming into force of section 9, after having made an evaluation of the Centre, is satisfied that the Centre is not fulfilling its mission or is no longer necessary; or

    • (d) on petition by the Centre supported by a resolution passed by at least two thirds of the directors.

  • Marginal note:Debts and liabilities

    (2) In the event of the dissolution of the Centre, any property of the Centre that remains after the payment of its debts and liabilities, or after the making of adequate provision for the payment of its debts and liabilities, may be transferred to any person or institution having a mission similar to that of the Centre that the Minister specifies in the order.

  • Marginal note:Dissolution

    (3) If the Minister dissolves the Centre, the affairs of the Centre shall be wound up in accordance with this section and any regulations made under paragraph 36(b).


Marginal note:Regulations

 The Governor in Council may make regulations

  • (a) defining, for the purposes of this Act, the expressions physical activity, sport and sport organization;

  • (b) respecting the winding up of the Centre; and

  • (c) generally for carrying into effect the purposes and provisions of sections 3 to 8.

Consequential Amendment

Department of Canadian Heritage Act


Coordinating Amendment




Coming into Force

Marginal note:Coming into force

Footnote * The provisions of this Act, other than section 38, come into force on a day or days to be fixed by order of the Governor in Council.

  • Return to footnote *[Note: Section 38 in force on assent March 19, 2003; sections 1 to 37 and 39 in force June 15, 2003, see SI/2003-129.]

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