Criminal Rules of the Ontario Court of Justice (SI/2012-30)

Regulations are current to 2018-10-03 and last amended on 2012-07-01. Previous Versions

Rule 5 — Practice Directions, Forms and Non-Compliance

Marginal note:Power to issue practice directions

  •  (1) The Chief Justice or his or her delegate may issue practice directions that are consistent with these rules.

  • (2) A practice direction may apply to the whole of Ontario, to one or more of the seven regions of Ontario designated by the Ontario Court of Justice or to one or more local offices within those regions.

  • (3) A practice direction does not come into effect before it is posted on the Ontario Courts website (

Marginal note:Forms

  •  (1) The following forms, which are available on the Internet through, shall be used where applicable and with such variations as the circumstances require:

    Form 1 (Application)

    Form 2 (Response)

    Form 3 (Consent)

  • (2) The Chief Justice or his or her delegate may issue additional forms and require their use.

  • (3) A requirement to use an additional form does not come into effect before

Marginal note:Power of Court to excuse non-compliance

 The Court may excuse non-compliance with any rule at any time to the extent necessary to ensure that the fundamental objective set out in rule 1.1 is met.

Repeal and Coming into Force



Coming into Force

Marginal note:July 1, 2012

 These rules come into force on July 1, 2012.

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