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Rules of Procedure for Hearings Before the Military Police Complaints Commission (SOR/2002-241)

Regulations are current to 2020-10-05

SCHEDULE 2(Paragraph 42(b))Declaration and Undertaking



I hereby undertake that

  • (a) I will not disclose any information or evidence that I receive during the hearing in private of the Military Police Complaints Commission;

  • (b) I will not reproduce in any manner, without the prior written approval of the Military Police Complaints Commission, any records dealing with the information received, evidence taken or submissions made in the hearing in private; and

  • (c) at the end of the hearing of the complaint, I will give to the Military Police Complaints Commission

    • (i) all documents provided to me by the Complaints Commission during the hearing in private, and

    • (ii) any notes taken by me with respect to information, evidence or submissions that I received during the hearing in private.


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