Export and Import of Hazardous Waste and Hazardous Recyclable Material Regulations

Version of the schedule from 2006-03-22 to 2016-10-20:

SCHEDULE 1(Subsection 1(1), section 4, subparagraphs 8(j)(i) and (viii) and 9(f)(iv), paragraphs 9(n) and (o), subparagraph 16(e)(iv), paragraphs 16(m) and (n) and subparagraph 38(1)(a)(i))

Disposal Operations for Hazardous Waste

ItemColumn 1Column 2
Disposal CodeOperation
1D1Release into or onto land, other than by any of operations D3 to D5 or D12.
2D2Land treatment, such as biodegradation of liquids or sludges in soil.
3D3Deep injection, such as injection into wells, salt domes, mines or naturally occurring repositories.
4D4Surface impoundment, such as placing liquids or sludges into pits, ponds or lagoons.
5D5Specially engineered landfilling, such as placement into separate lined cells that are isolated from each other and the environment.
6D6Release into water, other than a sea or ocean, other than by operation D4.
7D7Release into a sea or ocean, including sea-bed insertion, other than by operation D4.
8D8Biological treatment, not otherwise set out in this Schedule.
9D9Physical or chemical treatment, not otherwise referred to in this Schedule, such as calcination, neutralization or precipitation.
10D10Incineration or thermal treatment on land.
11D11Incineration or thermal treatment at sea.
12D12Permanent storage.
13D13Blending or mixing, prior to any of operations D1 to D12.
14D14Repackaging, prior to any of operations D1 to D13.
15D15Release, including the venting of compressed or liquified gases, or treatment, other than by any of operations D1 to D12.
16D16Testing of a new technology to dispose of a hazardous waste.
17D17Interim storage, prior to any of operations D1 to D12.
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