Export and Import of Hazardous Waste and Hazardous Recyclable Material Regulations

Version of the schedule from 2016-10-21 to 2020-11-17:

SCHEDULE 2(Subsection 2(1), subparagraph 2(2)(e)(iii), sections 2.1 and 4, clause 8(j)(i)(A), subparagraphs 8(j)(viii) and 9(f)(iv), paragraphs 9(n) and (o), subparagraph 16(e)(iv) and paragraphs 16(m) and (n))

Recycling Operations for Hazardous Recyclable Material

ItemColumn 1Column 2
Recycling CodeOperation
1R1Use as a fuel in an energy recovery system, where the net heating value of the material is at least 12 780 kJ/kg.
2R2Recovery or regeneration of substances that have been used as solvents.
3R3Recovery of organic substances that have not been used as solvents.
4R4Recovery of metals and metal compounds.
5R5Recovery of inorganic materials other than metals or metal compounds.
6R6Regeneration of acids or bases.
7R7Recovery of components used for pollution abatement.
8R8Recovery of components from catalysts.
9R9Re-refining or re-use of used oil, other than by operation R1.
10R10Land treatment resulting in agricultural or ecological improvement.
11R11Use of residual materials obtained by any of operations R1 to R10 or R14.
12R12Exchange of a recyclable material for another recyclable material prior to recycling by any of operations R1 to R11 or R14.
13R13Accumulation prior to recycling by any of operations R1 to R11 orR14.
14R14Recovery or regeneration of a substance or use or re-use of a recyclable material, other than by any of operations R1 to R10.
15R15Testing of a new technology to recycle a hazardous recyclable material.
16R16Interim storage prior to any of operations R1 to R11 or R14.
  • SOR/2016-273, s. 13
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