Off-Road Compression-Ignition Engine Emission Regulations

Version of section 16 from 2006-03-22 to 2012-01-15:

 In the case of an engine referred to in subsection 14(2), evidence of conformity for the purposes of paragraph 153(1)(b) of the Act in respect of a company shall consist of

  • (a) a copy of the EPA certificate covering the engine;

  • (b) a document demonstrating that the engine covered by the EPA certificate is sold concurrently in Canada and in the United States;

  • (c) a copy of the records submitted to the EPA in support of the application for the issuance of the EPA certificate in respect of the engine; and

  • (d) an emission control information label that is permanently affixed in the form and location set out in section 110, sub-part B, of the CFR for the applicable model year of the engine.

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