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Railway Safety Management System Regulations, 2015 (SOR/2015-26)

Regulations are current to 2020-10-21 and last amended on 2015-04-01. Previous Versions

PART 2Local Railway Companies (continued)

DIVISION 2Non-Main Track Operations (continued)

Records (continued)

Marginal note:Communication

 For each instance in which a local railway company communicates with its employees in accordance with this Division, the local railway company must keep a record of the date and subject matter of the communication and the manner in which it was carried out.

Marginal note:Risk assessment

 A local railway company must keep the documentation relating to each risk assessment conducted under section 76.

Marginal note:Duration

 A local railway company must keep the records referred to in sections 81 to 83 for three years after the day on which they are created.

Filing and Notification

Marginal note:Filing with the Minister

 A local railway company must, at the request of the Minister, file with the Minister an up-to-date copy of the index referred to in subsection 69(1).

Marginal note:Notification and filing

 A local railway company that proposes to make a change referred to in paragraph 76(1)(b) or (c) must, before making the change, notify the Minister of the change and must, at the request of the Minister, file with the Minister the documentation relating to the risk assessment that it conducted with respect to the change.

PART 3Consequential Amendments, Repeal and Coming into Force

Consequential Amendments to the Railway Operating Certificate Regulations





Coming into Force

Marginal note:April 1, 2015

 These Regulations come into force on April 1, 2015.

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