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Carriages and Strollers Regulations (SOR/2016-167)

Regulations are current to 2022-06-01

SCHEDULE 2(Subsection 4(2))Horizontal Plane Stability Testing for Strollers

  • 1 The following method is to be used for testing the stability of a stroller on a horizontal plane:

    • (a) place the stroller in the manufacturer’s recommended position for use as a stroller with all wheels on a horizontal plane;

    • (b) with no added weight in the seating unit, place the footrest of the stroller in the lowest manufacturer’s recommended use position;

    • (c) place a 5 cm wooden cube on the centre of the footrest;

    • (d) apply a force of 200 N vertically downward on the cube;

    • (e) note whether the stroller is still in the manufacturer’s recommended use position with all wheels in contact with the horizontal plane; and

    • (f) in the case of a multiple occupancy stroller, perform the test on each footrest, one at a time and then on each footrest simultaneously.

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