National Parks of Canada Cottages Regulations (SOR/79-398)

Regulations are current to 2018-09-26

Uses Incidental to Construction (continued)

 Where any construction on a cottage lot is discontinued, abandoned or completed, or where a development permit has expired, all construction apparatus and temporary structures on the cottage lot shall immediately be removed by the lessee and in default thereof the superintendent may remove the construction apparatus and temporary structures and may reinstate the cottage lot and charge the costs of such removal and reinstatement to the lessee.

  • SOR/94-577, s. 9;
  • SOR/2004-35, s. 7(F).

Storage in Yards

  •  (1) A lessee may store in the rear or side yard of his cottage lot any garden equipment, garden furniture, firewood, boats, boat trailers and other items normally associated with the enjoyment of a cottage on condition that those items are stored in a manner that does not detract from the appearance of the cottage lot and does not interfere with the use and enjoyment of neighbouring cottage lots.

  • (2) No person shall store a cabin trailer, motor home or camper-truck on a cottage lot.

Off-street Parking Facilities

  •  (1) No person shall

    • (a) reconstruct, enlarge or erect any structure on a cottage lot without providing off-street automobile parking spaces in such locations as shall be approved by the superintendent; or

    • (b) provide off-street automobile parking spaces or parking within a front yard or within a side yard abutting a street, unless in the opinion of the superintendent, the special layout and terrain of the cottage lot does not allow a reasonable alternative.

  • (2) Each off-street automobile parking space shall measure not less than six metres by three metres.

  • (3) There shall be at least one off-street automobile parking space for each cottage lot.

  • SOR/94-577, s. 9;
  • SOR/2004-35, s. 7(F).

Fences and Hedges

  •  (1) No person shall, on a cottage lot, construct a fence or cultivate a hedge that is incompatible with the natural characteristics of the park in which the cottage lot is located.

  • (2) Fences erected on a cottage lot shall not be in excess of one and one-half metres above grade in height and shall not be spiked or barbed so as to be a potential danger to persons or animals.

  • SOR/94-577, s. 8.

Mobile Accommodation

 No person shall use a cabin trailer, motor home, camper-truck or tent on a cottage lot for the purpose of a temporary or permanent residence.

Swimming Pools

 No person shall construct or install a swimming pool on a cottage lot.

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