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Human Rights Tribunal Appeal Regulations (SOR/80-394)

Regulations are current to 2020-01-27

Human Rights Tribunal Appeal Regulations



Registration 1980-05-27

Regulations Respecting the Manner and Form for Making an Appeal from the Decision or Order of a Human Rights Tribunal

P.C. 1980-1411 1980-05-27

His Excellency the Governor General in Council, on the recommendation of the Acting Minister of Justice, pursuant to subsection 42.1(1) of the Canadian Human Rights Act, is pleased hereby to make the annexed Regulations respecting the manner and form for making an appeal from the decision or order of a Human Rights Tribunal.

Short Title

 These Regulations may be cited as the Human Rights Tribunal Appeal Regulations.

 [Revoked, SOR/90-286, s. 1]

Notice of Appeal

 [Revoked, SOR/90-286, s. 2]

 Service of the notice of appeal on all parties may be made personally or by registered mail.

 [Revoked, SOR/90-286, s. 3]

 A notice of appeal shall be in the form set out in the schedule.

SCHEDULENotice of Appeal

TAKE NOTICE that the Appellant appeals against the decision of a Human Rights Tribunal pronounced the blank line day of blank line, 19blank line.

The Appellant proposes that this appeal be heard at blank line in the Province of blank line.

The Appellant’s address for service is blank line.

The Appellant appeals on the following grounds (a brief statement of the points to be argued).

DATED at blank line, the blank line day of blank line, 19blank line.

blank line

TO: President

Human Rights Tribunal Panel

Ottawa, Ontario

K1A 1J4


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  • SOR/94-237, s. 1
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