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Oil and Gas Occupational Safety and Health Regulations (SOR/87-612)

Regulations are current to 2021-09-11 and last amended on 2021-07-01. Previous Versions

SCHEDULE V(Subparagraph 17.14(1)(f)(ii))

First Aid Room Supplies and Equipment

Column IColumn II
ItemSupplies and EquipmentQuantity
1Depressor — tongue (25-pack)1
2Alcohol — isopropyl (500 ml)2
3Antiseptic — wound solution (250 ml)2
4Bandage with applicator — tubular, finger size1
5Bandage — gauze 10 cm × 4.5 m12
6Bandage — triangular, 100 cm folded and 2 pins12
7Brush — scrub, nail1
8Stretcher — folding1
9Blanket — bed size2
10Basin — wash2
11Bedding — disposable, 2 sheets and 2 pillow cases5
12Gloves — disposable (100-pack)1
13Dressing — burn sterile, 10 cm × 10 cm12
14Dressing — compress with ties, sterile, 7.5 cm × 7.5 cm12
15Dressing — field, sterile5
16Dressing — gauze squares, sterile, 5 cm × 5 cm (2- pack)50
17Tray — instrument1
18Applicator, disposable (10-pack)5
19Waste receptacle — covered1
20Record — First Aid (section 17.16)1
21Tape — adhesive, surgical, 2.5 cm × 4.6 m1
22Bag — hot water or hot pack1
23Bag — ice or cold pack1
24Soap — liquid, with dispenser1
25Towels, package or roll of disposable, with dispenser1
26Bottle with solution — eye irrigation, 200 ml2
27Cups, box of disposable, with dispenser1
28Thermometer, clinical1
29First Aid Kit Type B (emergency use)1
30First Aid Kit Type E1
31Bed — hospital type1
32Cervical collar1
33Thermometer, low reading hypothermia1
34Flashlight appropriate for environment of the work place1
  • SOR/94-165, s. 72(F)

PART XVIIISafe Occupancy of the Work Place


 In this Part, emergency evacuation plan means a written plan for use in an emergency, prepared in accordance with section 18.12. (plan d’évacuation d’urgence)

Fire Protection

 Every work place shall be so designed, constructed and arranged as to minimize, so far as is reasonably practicable, the risk of fire.

  •  (1) Fire escapes, exits, stairways and any other means of evacuation at a work place shall be in serviceable condition and ready for use at all times.

  • (2) Exits to the exterior shall be clearly identified by signs.

Fire Hazard Areas

  •  (1) No person shall, in a fire hazard area,

    • (a) subject to subsection (2), perform any hot work;

    • (b) smoke; or

    • (c) use an open flame or other source of ignition.

  • (2) Where it is not practicable to avoid performing hot work in a fire hazard area, the employer shall

    • (a) issue written instructions with respect to the procedures to be followed that will provide for the safe performance of that work;

    • (b) show and explain the instructions referred to in paragraph (a) to any employee who is required to work in the fire hazard area; and

    • (c) keep a copy of the instructions referred to in paragraph (a) readily available for examination by employees.

 Signs shall be posted in conspicuous places at all entrances to a fire hazard area

  • (a) identifying the area as a fire hazard area; and

  • (b) prohibiting the use of an open flame or other source of ignition in the fire hazard area.

Alarm Systems

 Every work place shall be equipped with an alarm system that warns all employees when

  • (a) the safety of the work place is threatened;

  • (b) employees are to be evacuated from the work place;

  • (c) a fire is likely to threaten the safety or health of employees at the work place; and

  • (d) there is a malfunction of a mechanical ventilation system provided for an area where concentrations of toxic or combustible gases may accumulate.

Emergency Electrical Power

 Every drilling rig, drilling unit and production facility shall be equipped with an emergency electrical power supply sufficient to operate, for at least 18 consecutive hours,

  • (a) alarm system and warning devices;

  • (b) emergency lighting referred to in section 7.5;

  • (c) internal and external communications systems; and

  • (d) light and sound signals marking the location of the work place.

  • SOR/94-165, s. 73

 Where an emergency switchboard is provided, it shall be independent of the main electrical power supply and shall be located as near as is reasonably practicable to the emergency electrical power supply.

Emergency Procedures

  •  (1) Every employer shall prepare emergency procedures to be implemented

    • (a) if any person commits or threatens to commit an act, other than an occurrence of harassment and violence, that is likely to be hazardous to the safety or health of the employer or any employee;

    • (b) when a hazardous occurrence referred to in subsection 16.4(1) occurs;

    • (c) where evacuation is not an appropriate means of ensuring the safety and health of employees; and

    • (d) in the event of a failure of the lighting system.

  • (2) Where two or more employers are engaged in work at the same work place, those employers shall prepare common emergency procedures.

  • (3) A copy of the emergency procedures referred to in subsection (1) or (2) shall be kept up to date and readily accessible to all employees at the work place.

 The emergency procedures referred to in section 18.9 shall contain a full written description of the procedures to be followed by the employees, including

  • (a) the duties of the employees during the execution of the procedures;

  • (b) the name, position, usual location and telephone number of each person responsible for the execution of the procedures;

  • (c) a list of agencies, companies or organizations that could render assistance in the event of an emergency and their telephone numbers; and

  • (d) a list of the emergency and protection equipment required to carry out the procedures.

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