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Corrections and Conditional Release Regulations (SOR/92-620)

Regulations are current to 2023-03-06 and last amended on 2019-11-30. Previous Versions

  •  (1) The Service shall ensure that all moneys that accompany an inmate when the inmate is admitted into a penitentiary and all moneys that are received on the inmate’s behalf while the inmate is in custody are deposited to the inmate’s credit in a trust fund, which fund shall be known as the Inmate Trust Fund.

  • (2) The Inmate Trust Fund shall comprise a current account and a savings account in respect of each inmate.

  • (3) No moneys standing to the credit of an inmate’s savings account in the Inmate Trust Fund shall be paid out of that account if the balance of the account is lower than the amount provided for in Commissioner’s Directives.

  • (4) No moneys in the Inmate Trust Fund standing to the credit of an inmate shall, except where a family relationship exists, be transferred to the credit of another inmate.

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