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Corrections and Conditional Release Regulations (SOR/92-620)

Regulations are current to 2022-07-13 and last amended on 2019-11-30. Previous Versions

  •  (1) Where an offender applies for day parole pursuant to subsection 122(1) or (2) of the Act, the application shall be submitted to the Board not later than six months before the expiration of two thirds of the term of imprisonment to which the offender was sentenced.

  • (2) Subject to subsection (3), the Board shall review the case of an offender who applies, in accordance with subsection (1), for day parole within six months after receiving the application, but in no case is the Board required to review the case before the two months immediately preceding the offender’s eligibility date for day parole.

  • (3) The Board may postpone a day parole review with the consent of the offender.

  • (4) The Board may adjourn a day parole review for a period of not more than two months where the Board requires

    • (a) further information relevant to the review; or

    • (b) further time to render a decision.

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