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Corrections and Conditional Release Regulations (SOR/92-620)

Regulations are current to 2023-03-06 and last amended on 2019-11-30. Previous Versions

 For the purposes of this section and sections 61 to 72,

approved procedure

approved procedure means a procedure set out in Commissioner’s Directives as a procedure to be used for the analysis of a sample; (méthode approuvée)


collector means a staff member or any other person authorized in Commissioner’s Directives to collect samples on behalf of the Service; (échantillonneur)

confirmation test

confirmation test means a test of a sample by a laboratory, using an approved procedure, to verify the positive result of an initial screening test; (analyse de confirmation)


container means a sterile container that is to be used to receive a sample; (contenant)

initial screening test

initial screening test means the first test of a sample, using an approved procedure, conducted by a laboratory; (analyse initiale)


laboratory means a laboratory authorized by Commissioner’s Directives to analyse samples; (laboratoire)


positive, in respect of a sample, means a urinalysis test result that indicates that the level of an intoxicant in the sample is equal to or greater than the level specified in Commissioner’s Directives; (positif)

random selection

random selection means a selection procedure set out in Commissioner’s Directives that ensures that every inmate has an equal probability of being selected, on a periodic basis, to provide a sample and that has reasonable controls and safeguards designed to prevent the selection process from being influenced; (contrôle au hasard)

record of substance abuse

record of substance abuse means an inmate’s record of conviction of the disciplinary offence referred to in paragraph 40(k) of the Act; (dossier de consommation de substances intoxicantes)


sample means a quantity of unadulterated urine sufficient to permit analysis, using an approved procedure, by a laboratory; (échantillon d’urine)

urinalysis program co-ordinator

urinalysis program co-ordinator means a senior staff member who has been designated by name or position in Commissioner’s Directives to co-ordinate the application of the Service’s urinalysis program at the location where the program is to be carried out. (coordonnateur du programme de prises d’échantillons d’urine)

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