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Timber Regulations, 1993 (SOR/94-118)

Regulations are current to 2020-09-09 and last amended on 2017-04-13. Previous Versions

Agreements (continued)

  •  (1) Subject to subsection (2), every operator shall provide a security deposit to the Minister with each tender to ensure due performance of the agreement by the operator.

  • (2) The amount of the security deposit, that is determined by the Minister in the agreement, shall be not less than 10% of the tender price.

  • (3) The Minister shall apply the security deposit provided pursuant to subsection (1) to the tender price of the agreement.

  • SOR/2017-52, s. 6

 An agreement shall be in a form approved by the Minister and may contain terms, conditions or information respecting, but not necessarily limited to,

  • (a) the payment schedule for the tender price of the agreement, including the security deposit;

  • (b) the forest area or portion thereof in which the operator may cut and remove timber;

  • (c) the quantity, product or species of timber that the operator may cut;

  • (d) timber utilization standards;

  • (e) scaling and measurement practices;

  • (f) protection of the environment;

  • (g) silviculture;

  • (h) the location of and standards for roads, trails, landing areas, buildings or other works that are to be constructed by the operator;

  • (i) default and termination of the agreement; and

  • (j) indemnity by the operator.


 [Repealed, SOR/2017-52, s. 7]

 [Repealed, SOR/2017-52, s. 7]

  •  (1) Every permit holder and every operator shall remove from the forest area within any period that is specified in the permit or agreement or, if no period is specified in it, within 12 months after the expiry of the permit or the completion of operations in accordance with the agreement,

    • (a) all buildings and other works owned by the permit holder or operator;

    • (b) all equipment that was brought into the forest area in connection with the cutting and removal of timber; and

    • (c) all debris.

  • (2) However, on the request of the permit holder or operator and before the expiry of the period referred to in subsection (1), the forestry officer may extend that period by a maximum of 12 months having regard to the circumstances beyond the permit holder’s or operator’s control that prevent them from removing the things referred to in paragraphs (1)(a) to (c) within the specified period.

  • SOR/2017-52, s. 8, err.(E), Vol. 151, No. 22
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