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Charts and Nautical Publications Regulations, 1995 (SOR/95-149)

Regulations are current to 2020-09-09 and last amended on 2007-07-01. Previous Versions

Maintenance of Charts, Documents and Publications (continued)

Safe Navigation and Avoidance of Dangerous Situations

  •  (1) The master of a ship shall ensure, before proceeding to sea, that the intended voyage has been planned using the most recent editions of the charts, documents and publications that are required to be used under sections 5 and 6 and that account has been taken of the annex to IMO Resolution A.893(21), Guidelines for Voyage Planning.

  • (2) When making the plan, the master shall identify a route that

    • (a) takes into account any relevant routing systems;

    • (b) ensures sufficient sea room for the safe passage of the ship throughout the intended voyage;

    • (c) anticipates all known navigational hazards and adverse weather conditions; and

    • (d) takes into account any marine environmental protection measures that apply and avoids, as far as possible, actions and activities that could cause damage to the environment.

  • SOR/2005-135, s. 5
  •  (1) No owner, charterer or operator of a ship, or any other person shall prevent or restrict the master of the ship from taking or executing any decision that, in the master’s professional judgment, is necessary for safe navigation and the protection of the marine environment.

  • (2) This section does not apply to ships referred to in section 1.2 of Regulation 1 of Chapter V of the Safety Convention.

  • SOR/2005-135, s. 5
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