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PCB Waste Export Regulations, 1996 (SOR/97-109)

Regulations are current to 2020-09-09

SCHEDULE II(Paragraph 6(a))

Type of PCB Waste and Identification Number

Column IColumn II
ItemType of PCB WasteIdentification Number
1PCB equipment or electrical equipment containing commercial formulations consisting principally of PCB liquids, PCB mixtures or PCB solids.PCB-1
2Transformers that contained PCBs but have subsequently been drained and refilled with a non-PCB dielectric fluid that contains residual PCB concentrations of 50 mg or more of PCBs per kilogram of the fluid.PCB-2
3Commercially formulated PCB liquids drained from PCB equipment or electrical equipment, or PCBs/solvent mixtures obtained through the flushing and rinsing of such equipment.PCB-3
4All other liquid wastes, including solvents and waste oils, which may be described as secondary fuels, that contain 50 mg or more of PCBs per kilogram of the liquid.PCB-4
5Any soil or other loose materials, including absorbents, that contain 50 mg or more of PCBs per kilogram of the solid.PCB-5
6Packaging or containers that have held PCB liquids, PCB solids, PCB mixtures, PCB equipment, PCB-contaminated soil or electrical equipment, and that are contaminated by 50 mg or more of PCBs per kilogram.PCB-6
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