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National Energy Board Electricity Regulations (SOR/97-130)

Regulations are current to 2020-06-17

PART IIIInformation to Be Furnished by Applicants for Permits for the Exportation of Electricity (continued)

Terms and Conditions of Permits for the Exportation of Electricity

 The following are matters in respect of which terms and conditions may be included in any permit for the exportation of electricity:

  • (a) the duration of the permit;

  • (b) the maximum quantities of power and energy authorized;

  • (c) the classes of electricity transfers authorized;

  • (d) requirements relating to the maximum duration of export contracts;

  • (e) requirements relating to the filing with the Board and prior approval by the Board of electricity transfer agreements, or any amendments to those agreements, that are entered into pursuant to the permit;

  • (f) the qualification of each class of electricity transfer as firm power or interruptible power;

  • (g) conditions under which the permit holder must curtail or interrupt the exportation;

  • (h) the international power lines over which electricity transfers are authorized;

  • (i) requirements relating to the measurement of power and energy for the purposes of the permit;

  • (j) any changes in circumstances about which the permit holder is required to inform the Board;

  • (k) requirements relating to the protection and restoration of the environment;

  • (l) requirements relating to the mitigation of adverse effects of the export on the reliability of the power systems; and

  • (m) requirements relating to the opportunities for Canadians to purchase the electricity proposed to be exported from Canada.

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