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Federal Courts Rules (SOR/98-106)

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Regulations are current to 2022-01-12 and last amended on 2021-06-17. Previous Versions

Marginal note:Order for inspection

  •  (1) On motion, where the Court is satisfied that it is necessary or expedient for the purpose of obtaining information or evidence in full, the Court may order, in respect of any property that is the subject-matter of an action or as to which a question may arise therein, that

    • (a) a sample be taken of the property;

    • (b) an inspection be made of the property; or

    • (c) an experiment be tried on or with the property.

  • Marginal note:Entry on land or building

    (2) An order made under subsection (1) may authorize a person to enter any land or building where the property is located for the purpose of enabling the order to be carried out.

  • Marginal note:Personal service on non-party

    (3) Where a motion is brought under subsection (1) for an order in respect of property that is in the possession of a person who is not a party to the action, that person shall be personally served with notice of the motion.

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