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Canadian Nuclear Safety Commission Rules of Procedure (SOR/2000-211)

Regulations are current to 2021-10-07 and last amended on 2007-09-18. Previous Versions


  •  (1) The Commission shall send a notice of its determination in respect of a matter that was the subject of the public hearing to the persons referred to in subrule 41(1) within 30 days after making the determination.

  • (2) The notice shall include, where the Commission determines that there no longer is contamination in excess of the prescribed limit, a description and the amount of the contamination, if any, that is still present at the place.

PART 9Notice of Emergency Order

 A notice of an emergency order given under subsection 47(2) of the Act shall be sent in accordance with rule 7 to every person named in or subject to it, and shall include

  • (a) a copy of the order; and

  • (b) any time limit for complying with the order.

PART 10Court Orders

Publication of Facts

 Where a court, pursuant to paragraph 60(1)(c) of the Act, orders an offender to publish the facts relating to a conviction, the offender shall publish them in two editions of any newspaper specified in the order, at an interval of not less than one week and not more than two months between publications.

Notifying Affected Persons

 Where a court, pursuant to paragraph 60(1)(d) of the Act, orders an offender to notify any person who is affected by the offender's conduct of the facts relating to a conviction, the offender shall give notice to the person in accordance with rule 44 or by one of the methods referred to in rule 7, as ordered by the court.

Coming into Force

 These Rules come into force on the day on which they are approved by the Governor in Council.

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