Canadian Radio-television and Telecommunications Commission Act (R.S.C., 1985, c. C-22)

Act current to 2015-11-16 and last amended on 2014-07-01. Previous Versions


Marginal note:Commission established
  •  (1) There is established a commission, to be known as the Canadian Radio-television and Telecommunications Commission, consisting of not more than 13 members, to be appointed by the Governor in Council.

  • Marginal note:Tenure

    (2) A member shall be appointed to hold office during good behaviour for a term not exceeding five years but may be removed at any time by the Governor in Council for cause.

  • Marginal note:Re-appointment

    (3) Subject to section 5, a member is eligible for re-appointment.

  • R.S., 1985, c. C-22, s. 3;
  • 1991, c. 11, s. 76;
  • 2010, c. 12, s. 1701.
Marginal note:Duties of members

 A member shall devote the whole of his or her time to the performance of his or her duties under this Act.

  • R.S., 1985, c. C-22, s. 4;
  • 2010, c. 12, s. 1702.
Marginal note:Disqualifications
  •  (1) A person is not eligible to be appointed or to continue as a member of the Commission if the person is not a Canadian citizen ordinarily resident in Canada or if, directly or indirectly, as owner, shareholder, director, officer, partner or otherwise, the person

    • (a) is engaged in a telecommunications undertaking; or

    • (b) has any pecuniary or proprietary interest in

      • (i) a telecommunications undertaking, or

      • (ii) the manufacture or distribution of telecommunication apparatus, except where the distribution is incidental to the general merchandising of goods by wholesale or retail.

  • Marginal note:Disposal of interest

    (2) A member in whom any interest prohibited by subsection (1) vests by will or succession for the member’s own benefit shall, within three months thereafter, absolutely dispose of that interest.

  • 1974-75-76, c. 49, s. 5.


Marginal note:Chairperson and Vice-Chairpersons
  •  (1) The Governor in Council shall designate one of the members to be Chairperson of the Commission and two of the members to be Vice-Chairpersons of the Commission.

  • Marginal note:Chairperson chief executive officer

    (2) The Chairperson is the chief executive officer of the Commission, has supervision over and direction of the work and staff of the Commission and shall preside at meetings of the Commission.

  • Marginal note:Chairperson’s absence, incapacity or office vacant

    (3) In the event of the absence or incapacity of the Chairperson or if the office of Chairperson is vacant, the Commission may authorize one of the Vice-Chairpersons to exercise the powers and to perform the duties and functions of the Chairperson.

  • Marginal note:Acting Chairperson

    (4) The Commission may authorize one or more of its members to act as Chairperson if the Chairperson and both Vice-Chairpersons are absent or unable to act or if the office of Chairperson and each office of Vice-Chairperson are vacant.

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