Town of Jasper Zoning Regulations (C.R.C., c. 1111)

Regulations are current to 2015-11-16


 These Regulations apply to all lands within the Town of Jasper.

  • SOR/92-61, s. 7.


  •  (1) For the purposes of these Regulations, the Town of Jasper is divided into districts the boundaries of which are shown on the map forming the schedule to these Regulations and designated as follows:

    DistrictShort Title
    1.Public Open Space District “O”
    2.One-Family Dwelling District “R1”
    3.Two-Family Dwelling District “R2”
    4.Multiple-Family Dwelling District “R3”
    5.Mobile Home District “R4”
    6.Central Business District “C1”
    7.Tourist Commercial District “C2”
    8.Storage and Services District “S”
  • (2) For the purpose of determining the boundaries of various districts shown on the schedule, the following rules apply:

    • (a) where a district boundary is indicated as approximately following the centre line of a street, lane or watercourse, the boundary is the centre line of that street, lane or water course;

    • (b) where a street or lane shown on the schedule is subsequently closed and that street or lane was a district boundary between two or more different districts, the new boundary is the former centre line of that street or lane, until otherwise indicated; and

    • (c) where a district boundary is indicated as approximately following lot lines, the boundary follows those lot lines.

  • SOR/92-61, s. 7.