Supreme Court of Newfoundland and Labrador — Court of Appeal Criminal Appeal Rules (2002) (SI/2002-96)

Regulations are current to 2018-07-05

FORM G(Rule 13(2)(a))

20.... No.

In the Supreme Court of Newfoundland and Labrador — Court of appeal


(name of appellant) who was

convicted at

(name of town/city) in the Province

of Newfoundland and Labrador

before Judge

Questionnaire Concerning Sentence

  • 1 Length of trial

  • 2 Present place of incarceration (if applicable)

  • 3 If appellant released on bail pending appeal, date of release

  • 4 Period spent in pre-trial or pre-sentence incarceration

  • 5 Parole eligibility date

  • 6 Date of mandatory release

  • 7 Names of co-accused (if any) and sentences imposed for offences of which they were convicted

  • 8 Prior criminal record (if any, if such was introduced at trial)

  • 9 Present employment

  • 10 Present marital status

  • 11 Appellant’s present age and age at time of offence

  • 12 Was a pre-sentence report prepared? Yes No

  • 13 Was there a victim impact statement? Yes No

  • 14 Were there any medical or psychiatric reports? Yes No

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