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  1. Atomic Energy Control Board Cost Recovery Fees Remission Order - SI/94-39 (Section 4)
    Order Respecting the Remission of a Portion of Certain Fees Paid in Respect of Certain Licensed Activities Under the Atomic Energy Control Act

     Remission is hereby granted of a portion of the fees that were paid but not refunded under the AECB Cost Recovery Fees Regulations and the AECB Cost Recovery Fees Regulations, 1993, so that

    • (a) any person who pays a fee for a licence or approval, and requests the revocation of the licence or approval or requests a change in the licensed or approved activity, shall, if the Board or a designated officer approves the request pursuant to the Atomic Energy Control Regulations or the Uranium and Thorium Mining Regulations, be refunded by the Board the portion of the fee paid that is equal to the product obtained by multiplying


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