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  1. Multi-Sector Air Pollutants Regulations - SOR/2016-151 (Section 2)
    Multi-Sector Air Pollutants Regulations
    Marginal note:Definitions
    •  (1) The following definitions apply in these Regulations.

      oil and gas facility

      oil and gas facility  means a facility, including an asphalt refinery or underground storage facility for gaseous fuel, that is used or designed

      • (a) to extract hydrocarbons from underground deposits or reservoirs other than by means of thermal methods or surface mining;


      oil sands facility

      oil sands facility  means a facility — other than a chemicals facility, nitrogen-based fertilizer facility or asphalt refinery — that is used or designed to engage in at least one of the following activities:

      • (a) the surface mining of crude oil- or bitumen-containing sand from geological deposits;

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