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  1. Public Lands Mineral Regulations - SOR/96-13 (SCHEDULE I : Lease)
    Regulations Respecting the Leasing of Mineral Rights on Certain Public Lands


    Public Lands Mining


    The parties covenant and agree as follows:

    • [...]

    • 2 The Lessee will use the said lands only for the purpose of searching for, winning and taking the designated minerals and for that purpose will open, use and work all wells, boreholes, mines and works made, opened or carried on by the Lessee on the said lands in such manner only as is usual and customary in skillful and proper operations of similar character when conducted by proprietors themselves on their own lands, and when working the same shall keep and preserve the said wells, boreholes, mines and works from all avoidable injury and damage, and will maintain the works, erections and fixtures therein and thereon in good repair and condition to the satisfaction of the Minister, and will make safe all abandoned openings or excavations made in connection with or for the purpose of mining or other operations on the said lands, and in such state and condition will deliver peaceable possession thereof and of the said lands to Her Majesty on the termination of this lease.


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