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  1. Excise Duties on Cannabis Regulations - SOR/2019-78 (Section 10)
    Excise Duties on Cannabis Regulations
    Marginal note:September 17, 2018
    •  (1) These Regulations, except for sections 2 and 8, are deemed to have come into force on September 17, 2018, except that, before October 17, 2018, section 9 is to be read without reference to “paragraph (a) of the description of C in section 234.1 of the Act”.

    • [...]

    • Marginal note:Publication

      (3) Section 8 comes into force on the day on which these Regulations are published in the Canada Gazette.

  2. Cannabis Regulations - SOR/2018-144 (Section 2)
    Cannabis Regulations
    Marginal note:Non-application — Industrial Hemp Regulations

     These Regulations do not apply to a holder of a licence that is subject to the Industrial Hemp Regulations, or to an applicant for such a licence.

  3. Cannabis Regulations - SOR/2018-144 (Section 132.27)
    Cannabis Regulations
    Marginal note:Small immediate container
    •  (1) In the case of a cannabis product whose immediate container is too small for all the required information to be displayed on its label in accordance with these Regulations,


    • [...]

    • (3) The panel must

      • [...]

      • (c) include any of the following information that cannot be included on the label because the immediate container of the cannabis product is too small for all the required information to be displayed in accordance with these Regulations:


    • Marginal note:Interpretation — information on panel

      (4) The information included on the panel must be shown in accordance with the provisions of these Regulations with respect to a label as if the panel were a label for the purposes of those provisions.

    • [...]

    • Marginal note:Statement on location of information

      (6) The label of an immediate container in which a cannabis product is packaged and to which a panel is applied must include a statement that clearly indicates the location of any information required under these Regulations that is not included on the label.

    • [...]

    • Marginal note:Information on exterior display surface

      (8) In addition to the information that is required under these Regulations, the label referred to in subsection (6) may include



  4. Cannabis Regulations - SOR/2018-144 (Section 1)
    Cannabis Regulations
    Marginal note:Definitions — Act and Regulations
    •  (1) The following definitions apply in the Act and in these Regulations.

    • Marginal note:Definitions — Regulations

      (2) The following definitions apply in these Regulations.

    • Marginal note:Incorporation by reference

      (3) For the purpose of the incorporation by reference into these Regulations of any documents published by the Government of Canada, terms that are used but not defined in those documents have the same meaning as in these Regulations.

    • Marginal note:Deeming — immediate container

      (4) For the purposes of these Regulations, a cannabis accessory that contains edible cannabis in liquid form at a temperature of 22 ± 2°C and that is a cannabis product is deemed to be an immediate container.


  5. Cannabis Regulations - SOR/2018-144 (Section Footnote *375)
    Cannabis Regulations
    Marginal note:


    •  (1) Subject to subsections (2) to (4), these Regulations come into force on the day on which subsection 204(1) of the Cannabis Act comes into force, but if they are registered after that day, they come into force on the day on which they are registered.

    • Marginal note:Bill C-74

      (2) If Bill C-74, introduced in the 1st session of the 42nd Parliament and entitled Budget Implementation Act, 2018, No. 1, has not received royal assent on the day on which these Regulations are in force, then paragraphs 29(b), 30(c), 31(d), 155(c), 156(b) and 157(d) of these Regulations come into force on the day on which Bill C-74 receives royal assent.

    • Marginal note:Six months after registration

      (3) Section 102 comes into force on the day that, in the sixth month after the month in which these Regulations are registered, has the same calendar number as the day on which they are registered or, if that sixth month has no day with that number, the last day of that sixth month.


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