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  1. Commissioner’s Standing Orders (Conduct) - SOR/2014-291 (Section 33)
    Commissioner’s Standing Orders (Conduct)
    Marginal note:Registration

     These Standing Orders come into force on the day on which they are registered.

  2. Commissioner’s Standing Orders (Conduct) - SOR/2014-291 (Section 13)
    Commissioner’s Standing Orders (Conduct)
    Marginal note:Conduct hearing
    • [...]

    • Marginal note:Adaptation of rules

      (2) The conduct board may adapt these rules of procedure if the principles of procedural fairness permit.

    • Marginal note:Non-compliance with rules

      (3) The conduct board may remedy any failure to comply with these rules of procedure, including by setting aside a proceeding either wholly or in part, in accordance with the principles of procedural fairness.

    • Marginal note:Matters not provided for

      (4) If any matter arises in the proceedings that is not otherwise provided for in the Act, the Regulations or these Standing Orders, the conduct board may give any direction that it considers appropriate.

  3. Commissioner’s Standing Orders (Conduct) - SOR/2014-291 (Section 29)
    Commissioner’s Standing Orders (Conduct)

     The following definitions apply in this section and in sections 30 and 31.


    representation  means the act of representing a subject member or conduct authority, including providing legal advice, litigation or advocacy for the purpose of these Standing Orders. (représentation)

  4. Commissioner’s Standing Orders (Conduct) - SOR/2014-291 (Section 28)
    Commissioner’s Standing Orders (Conduct)
    Marginal note:Written waiver

     Any waiver by a subject member of a right under these Standing Orders must be made in writing.

  5. Commissioner’s Standing Orders (Conduct) - SOR/2014-291 (Section 1)
    Commissioner’s Standing Orders (Conduct)
    Marginal note:Definitions

     The following definitions apply in these Standing Orders.

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