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  1. Import Allocation Regulations - SOR/95-36 (Section 1)
    Regulations Respecting Import Allocations

     These Regulations may be cited as the Import Allocation Regulations.

  2. Import Allocation Regulations - SOR/95-36 (Section 8)
    Regulations Respecting Import Allocations

     Every person to whom an import allocation has been issued or transferred shall supply the Minister with the following information:

    • [...]

    • (b) where the person becomes aware that the import allocation or any part of the goods to which it relates has been or will be dealt with by the importer or any other person otherwise than in accordance with the terms of the import allocation or the requirements of these Regulations, a report with full particulars of the circumstances thereof, without delay after becoming aware of those facts.

  3. Import Allocation Regulations - SOR/95-36 (Section 6)
    Regulations Respecting Import Allocations

     The Minister shall take the following considerations into account when deciding whether to issue an import allocation or whether to consent to a transfer:

    • [...]

    • (c) whether the applicant has furnished the information required by these Regulations;

  4. Import Allocation Regulations - SOR/95-36 (Section 2)
    Regulations Respecting Import Allocations

     In these Regulations,

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