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  1. Pacifiers Regulations - SOR/2016-184 (Section 8)
    Pacifiers Regulations
    Marginal note:Registration

     These Regulations come into force on the day on which they are registered.

  2. Pacifiers Regulations - SOR/2016-184 (Section 6)
    Pacifiers Regulations
    Marginal note:Reference to Canada Consumer Product Safety Act or Regulations
    •  (1) Written information that appears on a pacifier, that accompanies one or that is in any advertisement for one must not make any direct or indirect reference to the Canada Consumer Product Safety Act or these Regulations.

    • Marginal note:Representations — use or modification

      (2) Any written information that appears on or that accompanies a pacifier, and any advertisement of one, must not make representations in respect of the use of or modification to the pacifier that would result in the failure of the pacifier to meet a requirement of these Regulations.

  3. Pacifiers Regulations - SOR/2016-184 (Section 1)
    Pacifiers Regulations

    Definition of pacifier

     In these Regulations, pacifier means a pacifier that has a nipple and includes a similar product that is intended for use in a baby’s mouth.

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