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  1. Ships’ Stores Regulations - SOR/96-40 (Section 1)
    Regulations Respecting Ships’ Stores

     These Regulations may be cited as the Ships’ Stores Regulations.

  2. Ships’ Stores Regulations - SOR/96-40 (Section 2)
    Regulations Respecting Ships’ Stores
    •  (1) In these Regulations,

    • (2) In these Regulations, the words alcohol , beer , cigar , cigarette , excise warehouse , manufactured tobacco and stamped have the same meaning as in the Excise Act, 2001.


  3. Ships’ Stores Regulations - SOR/96-40 (Section 8)
    Regulations Respecting Ships’ Stores

     Authorization of delivery of ships’ stores to a conveyance may be refused by an officer where the master, an officer or a crew member of the conveyance has failed to comply with these Regulations.

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