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  1. Tobacco Reporting Regulations - SOR/2000-273 (Section 3)
    Tobacco Reporting Regulations
    Marginal note:Information
    •  (1) These Regulations prescribe the information that manufacturers of tobacco products are required to submit to the Minister, as well as the manner in which it is to be submitted.

    • Marginal note:Content of reports

      (2) In addition to the information required for each type of report set out in these Regulations, every report must set out the following information:

      • [...]

      • (e) the section of these Regulations under which the report is made.


  2. Tobacco Reporting Regulations - SOR/2000-273 (Section 5)
    Tobacco Reporting Regulations
    Marginal note:Laboratory accreditation

     Any test performed on a tobacco product for the purposes of these Regulations must be performed by a laboratory that

    • [...]

    • (b) has been issued a document by the body that accredited it, specifying the test methods set out in these Regulations for which the laboratory is accredited.


  3. Tobacco Reporting Regulations - SOR/2000-273 (Section 6)
    Tobacco Reporting Regulations

     A manufacturer that uses data obtained from a test performed by a laboratory for the purpose of preparing any report under section 12, 14 or 14.2 must attach a copy of the following documents to the report:

    • (a) the laboratory report that includes the data used in the preparation of the report required by these Regulations and that specifies the type of tobacco product that was tested, as well as its brand name; and


  4. Tobacco Reporting Regulations - SOR/2000-273 (Section 2)
    Tobacco Reporting Regulations
    Marginal note:Application

     Every provision of these Regulations that applies to a brand of tobacco product also applies to every size of product of that brand.


  5. Tobacco Reporting Regulations - SOR/2000-273 (Section 1)
    Tobacco Reporting Regulations
    Marginal note:Definitions

     The definitions in this section apply in these Regulations.


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