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  1. Industrial Hemp Regulations - SOR/2018-145 (Section 1)
    Marginal note:Definitions — Regulations
    •  (1) The following definitions apply in these Regulations.

      export permit

      export permit  means a permit issued under subsection 62(1) of the Act that authorizes the exportation of seed or grain. (permis d’exportation)

  2. Industrial Hemp Regulations - SOR/2018-145 (Section 24)
    Marginal note:Disclosure of information

     The Minister may, for the purpose of verifying whether an exportation of seed or grain complies with these Regulations, provide to a customs officer any information provided in the export permit application or referred to in sections 13 and 23, and inform that customs officer whether the export permit has been suspended or revoked.

  3. Industrial Hemp Regulations - SOR/2018-145 (Section 12)
    Marginal note:Permit for each shipment

     For the exportation of seed or grain, in addition to holding a licence that authorizes that activity, a holder of a licence must hold an export permit for each shipment that is exported.

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