Expropriation Act (R.S.C., 1985, c. E-21)

Act current to 2017-11-20 and last amended on 2011-11-29. Previous Versions


  • — 2002, c. 7, ss. 167, 168

    • 1994, c. 43, s. 84

      167 Subsection 4(4) of the Expropriation Act is replaced by the following:

      • Exception

        (4) No interest in settlement land as defined in section 2 of the Yukon First Nations Land Claims Settlement Act or lands identified as such in a self-government agreement as defined in the Yukon First Nations Self-Government Act may be expropriated under this Part without the consent of the Governor in Council.

  • — 2002, c. 7, ss. 167, 168

    • 1994, c. 43, s. 86

      168 Section 35.1 of the Act is replaced by the following:

      • Exception
        • 35.1 (1) Notwithstanding any other provision of this Act, any dispute as to the compensation payable in respect of an expropriated interest in land described in subsection 4(4) or (5) may only be heard and determined by the body established under the laws of the Legislature of Yukon having jurisdiction with respect to surface rights and under and in accordance with those laws.

        • Provisions applicable

          (2) Subsection 16(2) and sections 33, 35 and 36 apply, with any modifications that the circumstances require, in respect of compensation determined by the body referred to in subsection (1) as if that compensation were compensation adjudged by the Court.

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