Large Fishing Vessel Inspection Regulations (C.R.C., c. 1435)

Regulations are current to 2015-11-16 and last amended on 2007-07-01. Previous Versions

 Every vessel, the construction of which is commenced after May 31, 1974, shall be fitted with a carbon dioxide smothering system that


  •  (1) Every fishing vessel fitted with electric navigation lights shall be provided with

    • (a) spare oil-burning port, starboard, mast and stern lights; or

    • (b) two independent sources of electrical power supply and two independent systems of wiring to the port, starboard, mast and stern lights.

  • (2) Every fishing vessel shall carry 12 Type A distress signals as defined in section 2 of the Life Saving Equipment Regulations.

  • (3) Every fishing vessel shall carry navigating equipment that satisfies the requirements of the Navigating Appliances Regulations.

  • (4) Every fishing vessel shall carry sufficient lights and equipment to comply with the Collision Regulations.

  • SOR/84-327, s. 1.


  •  (1) Subject to this section, every fishing vessel shall carry a total anchor of not less than that derived from the following formulae:

    • (a) for cubic number up to 566 W = 0.64 CN,

    • (b) for cubic number over 566 W = 0.48 CN + 91,


    • (c) W = total anchor weight in kilograms,

    • (d) CN= cubic number (L × B × D),

    • (e) L = length of vessel in metres as defined in section 2,

    • (f) B = greatest breadth of vessel in metres, measured to the inside of planking or plating, and

    • (g) D = the depth of the vessel in metres, measured at amidships from the top of keel to the top of the deck beam at side except that in the case of a vessel that has a raised deck aft that extends forward of amidships, the depth D shall be measured to the line of that deck and in the case of an open construction vessel, the depth D shall be measured to the top of the gunwale.

  • (2) Where approved patent anchors are adopted, 40 per cent of the total anchor weight shall be deducted but the length and size of the anchor cable shall be based on the normal anchor weight.

  • (3) Where “W” is more than 135 kg or 80 kg in the case of patent anchors, two anchors shall be carried.

  • (4) Where two anchors are carried, the weight of the main anchor shall not be less than 60 per cent of “W” and that of the second anchor shall not be less than 40 per cent of “W”.

  • (5) Trawl boards or scallop nets used in normal fishing operations may be used on a fishing vessel in lieu of the anchors if they do not weigh less than the required total anchor weight, and in such case the trawl board or scallop net cable used may be accepted in lieu of the anchor cable required by subsection (7).

  • (6) A windlass or winch shall be provided on a fishing vessel that carries an anchor weighing more than 70 kg or, if a winch normally used for fishing operations can be used, it may be accepted in lieu of an anchor windlass.

  • (7) Subject to subsection (5), an anchor cable of link chain, wire rope, manilla rope or other rope of a material of equal or greater strength than manilla hemp, shall be carried and shall be in accordance with Schedule IV.

  • SOR/80-249, s. 16;
  • SOR/82-348, s. 2.