Sale of Defence Materiel and Services to United Nations Order

C.R.C., c. 731


Order Respecting the Sale of Materiel and Services to the United Nations

Short Title

 This order may be cited as the Sale of Defence Materiel and Services to United Nations Order.


 In this Order, Minister means the Minister of National Defence.


 The Minister is authorized to sell materiel or provide services under the control of the Department of National Defence to the United Nations for the support of the operations which may be established from time to time by the United Nations and the continued operations of the United Nations Emergency Force.


 The price of the materiel or services provided under the authority of this Order shall be the cost to the public, as determined by the Minister, of providing that materiel or those services to the United Nations.


 The Minister shall report annually to the Treasury Board individual authorizations made under this Order where the value thereof is in excess of $5,000.


 The Departments of National Defence, External Affairs and Finance shall act in consultation on all major requests for such materiel.

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