Marine Personnel Regulations (SOR/2007-115)

Regulations are current to 2015-11-16 and last amended on 2014-12-31. Previous Versions

 Before a certificate of competency or an endorsement is issued to an applicant, the applicant shall provide the examiner with

  • (a) proof that the applicant is a qualified person; and

  • (b) except if the applicant is applying for a certificate of competency referred to in section 131 that is valid in respect of a vessel that is not a passenger-carrying vessel or in section 138, 143, 151 or 174, either a medical certificate or a provisional medical certificate that is in effect and that was issued in respect of the applicant in accordance with Division 8 of Part 2 attesting to the applicant’s fitness to

    • (i) perform the duties to which the certificate of competency or endorsement relates, and

    • (ii) make the voyages that the certificate of competency or endorsement authorizes.


  •  (1) The examiner shall ensure that an applicant follows the examination procedures established by TP 2293 to ensure that examinations are conducted properly and that standards of objective evaluation, fairness, merit and equity are upheld.

  • (2) An applicant who does not follow the procedures referred to in subsection (1) automatically fails the examination.

  •  (1) A passing grade obtained in any of the following examinations remains valid for 5 years after the date of the examination:

    • (a) an examination taken for the purpose of obtaining a Master, a Mate, an Able Seafarer or a Bridge Watch Rating certificate; and

    • (b) one of the following engineering examinations when taken for the purpose of obtaining an Engineer certificate:

      • (i) general engineering knowledge,

      • (ii) engineering knowledge of motor vessels, or

      • (iii) engineering knowledge of steamships.

  • (2) A passing grade obtained in an engineering examination taken for the purpose of obtaining an Engineer certificate, other than an examination referred to in paragraph (1)(b), remains valid for life.

  • (3) A passing grade in an examination remains valid for life after the certificate of competency or endorsement, in respect of which the examination was taken, is obtained or renewed.

Approved Training

 The Minister, on the recommendation of an examiner, shall approve a training program or a training course as an approved training program or approved training course, as the case may be, if it meets the standards respecting the training and assessment of seafarers that are applicable to the training to be provided and assessment to be performed, as set out in the Quality Management Manual — Marine Personnel Standards and Pilotage, in the chapter entitled Approval of Marine Training Courses and Programs, dated July 30, 2001, as amended in June 2007, established in accordance with Regulation I/8 of the STCW Convention and published by the Department of Transport.

Computation of Qualifying Service

  •  (1) For the purpose of calculating sea service, 8 hours of service equals one day of sea service.

  • (2) Service for watches of other than 8 hours in a calendar day shall be prorated to a maximum of 12 hours for that day based on a 12-hour watch equalling one and one-half days of sea service except for applicants registered in an approved cadet training program whose sea service shall be calculated on the basis of any amount of service in one calendar day equalling one day of service.

  • (3) In calculating the number of months of qualifying service, the total number of days of credited sea service shall be divided by 30.