New Brunswick Hog Marketing Levies (Interprovincial and Export Trade) Order (SOR/84-1)

Regulations are current to 2018-07-05

New Brunswick Hog Marketing Levies (Interprovincial and Export Trade) Order



Registration 1983-12-19

Order Respecting Levies on Hogs Produced in New Brunswick and Marketed in Interprovincial and Export Trade

The New Brunswick Hog Marketing Board pursuant to section 4 of the New Brunswick Hog Order, made by Order in Council P.C. 1981-3629 of 17th December 1981Footnote *, hereby makes the annexed Order respecting levies on hogs produced in New Brunswick and marketed in interprovincial and export trade.

Moncton, New Brunswick, December 2, 1983

Short Title

 This Order may be cited as the New Brunswick Hog Marketing Levies (Interprovincial and Export Trade) Order.


 In this Order,


agent means a person appointed by the Local Board to conduct business on its behalf and includes a person designated by the Local Board to receive levies payable to it; (agent)


hog means an animal of the porcine species produced in New Brunswick; (porc)

Local Board

Local Board means Porc NB Pork; (Office)


producer means a person engaged in the production of hogs. (producteur)

  • SOR/2004-181, s. 1.


  •  (1) Every producer shall pay to the Local Board or to its agent a levy of $1.45 plus HST per hog marketed outside the province of New Brunswick.

  • (2) The levies payable by a producer to the Local Board under this Order shall be deducted from the moneys payable to the producer by the Local Board.

  • SOR/84-464, s. 1(F);
  • SOR/2004-181, s. 2;
  • SOR/2005-229, s. 1.
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